Each beautiful piece has been styled for the athletic figure and created for minimal wardrobe malfunctions. The last thing you need while surfing, stand up paddle boarding kite boarding or enjoying the waves is to end up with half your swimwear missing or to be constantly readjusting.

Each piece has moulded cups to help give you shape and support. The cups are sewn in to prevent them moving around while you’re wearing the piece and to alleviate disappearing acts in the wash. They’re also a time saver. No one wants to waste time putting cups back into their swimwear.

All the bottoms have adjustable clasps with three different settings.

The Ocean Reef bikini has adjustable straps for comfort and style. There are three different settings for you to choose from.

The Storm bikini has slightly more coverage at the front with an adjustable neck strap for comfort.

The Rock and Ocean bikini has a high neckline and a slightly sportier look. There is a strap across the middle of the back and added support around the base of the top to keep everything in place.

The Slot Canyon Tankini is designed to glide over your body and the photograph used gives a slimming appeal. It combines the look of a one piece with the versatility of a two-piece.

The Fiji Sunset one piece has extra support on the sides to hold everything in place. It has a high neckline with adjustable strap for comfort and support.


Introducing our newest selection of elegant trends.