Postcard 5 Pack



Each postcard represents one of the images on the swimwear, where it was taken and a small amount of information about that destination.

Slot Canyon, Arizona.
‘I have never visited anywhere in the world so majestically blissful. I spent a couple of hours wandering through the sandstone canyon formed by years of flash floods. The sun streamed through from above emphasising the orange, purple and pink colours.’  ~ Powderlime
Fiji Sunset
‘On the last night on Yasawa Island amongst the archipelago, I walked to the waters edge to reflect on an amazing trip and was met by a beautiful sunset shimmering off the water and painting the sky an array of colours for aesthetic scenery.’ ~ Powderlime
The Storm, California, U.S.A
‘As the wild dark landscape loomed and the clouds emptied the rain across my path, I was able to take this image as the storm progressed. The unpredictable sky soon passed and I was able to continue my journey. Nature is ever-changing.’ ~ Powderlime
Ocean Reef
‘This image was taken from a helicopter heading out to the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. So much marine life occupies these waters and I saw many sharks and turtles from the air. The expanse of the reef amongst the turquoise water reminds me how small and insignificant we are. Such a beautiful part of the world.’ ~ Powderlime
Rock and Ocean, Dunsborough, Western Australia
‘As I am Perth based, for my first collection, I wanted to include an image of an area i love to visit. It is a stunning place to watch the ocean. It holds some great memories of lazy summer days exploring.’ ~ Powderlime