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Why Powderlime® Donates

  • Even the smallest donation can make a huge impact.
  • Powderlime® donates a percentage of all sales to several charities each year based on your vote.
  • You have three charities to choose from.
  • All you need do is vote which charity you would like us to donate to after you make your Powderlime® purchase. Each quarter, a percentage of each sale will be donated to the charity with the most votes.
  • Three different charities will be featured each quarter, creating awareness of the vital work of a variety of charities in our communities.
  • It is our hope that you will feel empowered and fulfilled in the knowledge that by choosing Powderlime® you are helping others.
  • We are grateful you took the time to vote. Spread the love.

Pencils of Promise

The Mission: to provide every child with access to quality education. PoP creates schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all. PoP believes that providing access to quality education is a collective responsibility.

Today, PoP works in Laos, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ghana and has broken ground on over 200 pre and primary schools in remote and underserved regions. Each school was made possible by a person, a family or a company united by the goal of creating a better world through education.

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Australia Marine Conservation Society

The Mission: to be the voice for Australia's ocean wildlife. AMCS is an independent charity staffed by committed professionals who have defended Austalia's oceans for 50 years. Their key focus is to create large marine national parks & sanctuaries, make fisheries sustainable, and protect & recover threatened ocean wildlife.

Their goal is to give oceans the best chance of resilience against climate impacts by keeping them in the healthiest and most natural state.

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The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

The Mission: to focus solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals, providing full rehabilitation services, and ultimately help them find their fur-ever families. The foundation works tirelessly to rescue as many dogs as possible throughout Asia, bringing them to California where they are rehabilitated and when the time is right, put up for adoption.

AHWF also runs a victim adoption program in the US that matches people who have been through horrific crimes with a dog who has also experienced and survived, its own type of abusive situation.

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